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WOW. It's been a long time since I last posted here. Is anyone even still around?

On the off-chance that someone still uses LiveJournal - HELLO!!!

So here's the thing: priorities in my life have shifted. Or rather, I've finally learnt to prioritise what's important in my life. Dolls are not a priority in my life.

Therefore, after years of struggle, I've decided to take a HUGE step away from the hobby. As part of this I will be selling a lot of things.

Many things will go up on Den of Angels, and most photos will be posted on my Flickr album.
Try Flickr first. That will be my primary selling port. Especially for little things like Wigs, Eyes, Clothing and Shoes.
But here I will list the dolls that are going:

Whispering Grass Chris head on Dollshe 28M body (Oriental Skin) - US$750
ONLY US$700 during month of December
*Free faceup* if so requested - please be prepared for at least a 4-week waiting time

Iplehouse Scarlet head (White Skin) - US$190
Only US$150 during month of December

I-Doll Studio Arnoah (Normal Skin) - US$600
Only US$550 during month of December
She is super rare! Company has folded since 2009.

Iplehouse BID Naias head (Normal Skin) - US$150
Only US$120 during month of December
*Free faceup* if so requested - please be prepared for at least a 4-week waiting time

PLEASE SEE MY FLICKR 'SALES' ALBUM for other items - this will be continuously updated, so please keep checking back!

I'll still hang around the BJD community, because I've met so many interesting people through this hobby, but personally it's time for me to let go. Hope everyone is well! Stay safe, stay strong. May God bless you all :)

Dolls for sale - IH Scarlet, SM Spinel

Hi everyone,

A bit unconventional, and this would never be allowed on Den of Angels, but I would like to advertise a "pre-sale" for one of my soon-to-be dolls.

Basically I have an Iplehouse Scarlet (white skin) on order, but really I'm only after her EID body. Once she arrives I'm planning to put Scarlet's head on an SID body and sell her as a full doll. However I need extra cash flow now, so that I can pay her off with Iple (the AUD is too low at the moment for me to have Paypal draw USD directly out of my bank account, the conversions would kill me!)

Sooo I was wondering whether anyone would be interested in an SID Scarlet? The way it would work is: you pay for the body now, and then when the Scarlet gets here you pay off the remainder plus shipping from me to you.

I'm thinking of asking $640 for the full doll, but this price is negotiable (reasonable offers only please).

In other news, after thinking long and hard over many years, I will also be putting up my very first doll, River (Soom Spinel) for sale. As he is my first doll I've been delaying it for ages, but I haven't taken any photos of him in at least 5 years and he just doesn't do it for me anymore. Plus I need the money to shell my final core character (who will also likely be my last doll). Selling my first doll to buy my last - there's a kind of symmetry to it, isn't there?

Anyway, I'll update here when River's thread is put up. I will probably ask $480 for him.

In the meantime, if anyone is interested in either Scarlet or Spinel, please shoot me a Note here on dA and we can negotiate something.


IH SID Scarlet (white skin) split

SID Scarlet you say? Yes!

My split for an EID Scarlet is here, with conditions - whoever buys the head must also buy the SID body I have for sale.

This needs to be done super fast because Scarlet's ordering period ends on 16/11, so if you're interested please PM me here or on DoA before 15/11! 

IH Elchanan

Heads up to my LJ friends, I am selling my Elchanan.

DoA thread is here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?639793



Hey guys, it's been a long time, hope you're all well!

As a sort of update, I have (foolishly) put 4 dolls on layaway at the moment (!) and I am in desperate need of funds. So, I am selling a LOT of things, and will continue to add more.

Please check out my Sales threads here:

Soom jointed hands - http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?607428
Bambicrony Roko - http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?476810
Clothes - http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?604342
Wigs - http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?605059
Eyes - http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?607434

Feel free to PM me or Comment here if interested!


This person wants to buy a Zaoll body for $150.

Good luck with that, mate.

I'm in love....


Just when I got my Elchanan home....this guy crops up and woos me with his strength and sensitivity. And those lips! <3

OK, I'm going to shut off the page and ogle my Amadeus. Hopefully he will convince me that he is perfect and that I don't need another EID guy...or, heaven forbid, to replace him...

The new Superhero body on the other hand, I'm quite sold on. I may just replace Gerard/Thunderstorm's crappy old one and its crappy joints with this new improved version. If I can be bothered...

Don't like the new Model body at all though!

That awkward moment when...

...you confuse your dolls' clothing with your own.

The story (it's not that interesting)...Collapse )

Decisions, decisions....

Should I sell River? He's my first doll, and I have so many memories attached to him, but I don't play with him anymore, or (dare I say it?) even like him. 

I'd really like to downsize my crew, but it's hard deciding who has to go and who stays. Eventually they all stay.

Ah well. I'll decide later. Meanwhile, my tinies are definitely going (I think....no, I shall not have second thoughts)! For those on LJ, I'm giving you first dibs:

Soom Alk (with wings and bird feet blushed by me + faceup by me + extras) - $350AUD

Bambicrony Roko (with faceup by BC + lots of extras) - $250AUD

LtLine Fine (with faceup by me + extras) - $150AU
---> the company that sells this doll closed years ago; hence, she is super rare!

Photos can be found on my dA Gallery: chizzie-shark.deviantart.com

If you'd like more photos please contact me for them, either here, or on DoA or dA. 

If these guys don't sell here, then I will put them up on dA and Paracosm (Aussie BJD forum). Then I will put them on DoA.

Bonding, and other news

Wow, the past 7 months have been...hectic.

Unlikely that anyone noticed, but I basically dropped off the face of the earth from May onwards. Reason being: I got a job.

That's right, I'm in the workforce! Currently a casual only (but on a full-time basis). I'm also enrolled in College of Law, and am studying to be a solicitor, which hopefully will happen in June next year. Hurrah!

Well, I would hurrah if it my workload weren't sucking the life out of me. Aside from work and study (and I actually have 2 jobs atm, not including private tutoring), I also have church things to do, which I've been slacking off on, a lot. Then add to that family commitments, friend commitments and various other bits and pieces, and I've just had no time to do anything. Including any of the stuff I'm supposed to do. (For instance, the abovementioned College of Law....well, I'm 5 weeks behind. Maybe 6.) Any time I've had off has been spent zoning out to give my brain a rest.

So, this holiday break was meant to be spent catching up on College of Law. I only have 3 days left of my break, and 2 of those days I'm going out...so I'm getting desperate. However, instead of doing said catching up, I have been:
- ogling dolls
- ordering dolls
- ogling clothes
- ordering clothes
- re-bonding with my dolls
- faceupping my dolls

Sounds like a lot, but actually it's not very productive at all on the BJD front. There have been a few changes to my crew since last time I posted, but I've never put up pictures. (When I think of the editing and uploading process, I just blank out and all the energy dissipates.) Despite the changes though, I haven't felt in the dorrie-zone at all. I faceupped and styled one of the core members of my crew, and I did it half-heartedly (which is probably why her faceup didn't turn out so well). I've done all sorts of surfing but felt nothing.

This was really starting to bother me...so the re-bonding time is a welcome change. For the first time in months, I've actually picked up my dolls and played with them, not just moving them around on a shelf. Heck, some of my crew have been wearing the same thing for over a year! I took some comparison photos, redressed a few of them, and I'm touching up a few faceups. If I have the energy (and time, which is a scarce commodity these days) I may even wipe and re-faceup Thunderstorm (Bichun) and Vanora (Cass), since they are in sore need of redoing.

Importantly, my Elfdoll Tasha ead arrived today, which I bought on impulse during the Elfdoll head sale. I really shouldn't, since money is also a scarce commodity, but she was so cheap I couldn't help myself. And it was a good decision. Having her here is like a breath of fresh air! I have absolutely character planned for her, and as I've started her faceup I'm having so much fun fiddling around and going all creative with her makeup. Usually when I order a doll, I have a particular character or style planned, and my faceup has to stay within those boundaries, so I'm under a lot of pressure. With Tasha, I can just go crazy! I think I'm going to make her a little more extreme than the rest of my crew, a little more glamourous and wild with colour. She doesn't even have a name at this stage, so we'll see where the painting process takes me!

Now that I'm in the faceup zone, I'd really like to redo Thunderstorm and Vanora, but like I said, no time. I really have to do some study. We'll see how much I get done tonight and how long I spend getting a haircut tomorrow. Since I'm going with my mum, it might take until late afternoon. If I can wake up super early, and get at least one Activity submitted, then I'll start wiping Thunder and Vanora in prep for their freshening up.

After such a long hiatus fro real oll play, freshening up is good.